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Poor Attendance at Waitangi grounds for the Declaration of Independence celebrations.

Posted on Saturday 28th October 2017

In Waitangi the Declaration of Independence celebrations 28th October 2017 this year was attended by about 100 people, but in previous years you could not see ground for the feet, this is because recognition that corporate bodies in hapus are not dealing with Maori problems or achieving results.

In the meeting on the 28th October 2017 for the Wakameninga, Congress (collaboration of chiefs from different Hapu) within Waitangi, where debating and decision making for the nation of Maoridom takes place annually, this was hijacked from the corporate body of the marae to settle issues within the committee, the majority of attendees in the meeting were Matua Karanga followers, as they walked out of the house there was a silence in the air. I looked back the hall was near empty. Discussion within the taumata, senior elders, had expressed to the corporate body it was a shame that Matua Karanga contingent left the house, they had more information to share with us about their successes in the government system. The next day as result of the meeting one of the elders rang Chief Charles Hohepa and pledged her alliance to Matua Karanga. ---- for comments email us at